Privacy Policy

Cardboard Sword Limited – Privacy Policy

Cardboard Sword Limited collects data in three ways: our Newsletter mailing lists, our email contacts, and via Google Analytics through our websites.

Newsletter Mailing Lists

We use Mail Chimp for our Newsletters, where data is stored in accordance with their privacy policy. Upon signing up to any of our newsletters, you will receive an email to confirm your agreement to sign up. You may update your settings or unsubscribe at any time.

Through these mailing lists Mail Chimp collects your name, surname and email address, as well as any additional information clearly shown in the fields of the sign up form at the time of signing up, and additional information for statistical analysis purposes, including your IP address. No other information is collected and you may revise this information at any time. Cardboard Sword Limited does not export and store or use this information in any other way.

We use this data to keep you informed about news, updates, and activities for the relevant project for which you have signed up. We will keep this data for the duration of the mailing lists’ product’s or service’s relevance. For example, for the project entitled ‘The Siege and the Sandfox’, we will keep your data for the duration of development, and after the game’s release, until there is no further support for the title from Cardboard Sword.

You have the right to remove yourself from any of our mailing lists at any time, and for your data to be deleted. To remove your data you can click ‘Unsubscribe’ from the bottom of any newsletters sent out, by contacting, or by contacting Mail Chimp support.

Email Contacts

We use TSO Host to host our email mailboxes, where data is stored in accordance with their privacy policy. Upon sending an email to any one of our company email addresses, or by using any of the contact forms on any of our company websites, we will have your email address and name stored within one or more of our mailboxes. This includes any information provided by you within the content of any emails sent to us (such as a telephone number in the signature of your email).

We will use this data in order to reply to emails, or act upon the context of the email, and for conducting standard business operations. The emails themselves will be stored for the lifetime of the mailbox, for the purpose of our business records. You may request for any of this data to be removed at any time, by either contacting, or via the specific email address through which you previously contacted Cardboard Sword.

None of the data we collect is shared, from either our mailing lists or emails, with any other third parties.

Google Analytics

We use the third party service Google Analytics in a basic way, mainly for aggregated data reports to analyse website traffic as a whole. Visitors are tracked anonymously and any data is only retained for a period of 26 months.


The only cookies used on this site are for anonymous analytics purposes through Google Analytics. The only other cookie I use is to set your preference not to be tracked, should you wish to do so.